Amazing Wedding Venue Décor Examples: Editor’s Pick

Find the inspiratiopn for wedding venue decor that matches your wedding.

As a popular, unique wedding venue, we at Riverview Recreation Park get to see a lot of interesting and beautiful wedding decoration ideas. We also get to work with couples who can’t quite figure out how they want to decorate, offering them suggestions as to what might work the best. Today, we want to share some great décor ideas we’ve come across.

We’ve put together a few Pinterest boards to help keep them organized. Enjoy!

Wedding Venue Décor On A Budget

For those of you who may be planning a wedding on a budget, you should never have to sacrifice beautiful wedding venue décor. Here are some great inexpensive and DIY ideas to make your special day as romantic as possible.

Themed Wedding Venue Décor

When you opt to theme your day of matrimony, you need wedding venue décor to fit the mood. From a medieval fantasy to a wizarding world wedding, these great themed wedding decoration ideas will spark your creativity and help you plan for your perfect themed wedding.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venue Décor

Some couples want their wedding to be eccentric. While not the same as a theme, these non-traditional ideas allow for some of the more eclectic personalities to come through. Check out this board full of wedding venue décor that sits outside the “norm”.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Décor

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the wedding venue décor has got a few nuances to consider. Things like weather and nature will change what you can include in your decorations. However, with a little inspiration from this board, you can come up with the right mood for your outdoor celebration.

Make Sure Your Wedding Venue Décor Suits Your Personality And Space

No matter what, you need to make sure your wedding venue and décor suits your personality. That means choosing a flexible wedding venue with few restrictions and tons of potential. Something like the 185 acres of space at Riverview Recreation Park might be the fit you’re looking for.