5 Unique Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun

Your wedding should be unique and fun, like these socks.

Your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life. It’s an expression of the love you and your partner have, and it deserves a celebration. That should mean partying and fun. It’s a chance to throw what will likely be the biggest party of your life, and you and your guests should enjoy it. Riverview Recreation Park has put together some of the most unique ideas we’ve seen to add a little fun to the party.

Serve Carnival Food

Who doesn’t love fair food? Think about it: deep-fried Twinkies, chocolate covered bacon, huge turkey legs, and the now famous doughnut bacon cheeseburger. They’re terrible for you, but they’re so incredibly fun to eat. Think about a feast like this at your wedding.

Add A Geek Chic Touch

Everyone has a geek side nowadays. There’s no need to hide it anymore, and your wedding is a great place to show it off and add a little extra fun. Imagine a flower bouquet with a lightsaber handle or the groomsmen all sporting superhero insignias under their tuxedos. Add a little geek (or a lot) to your wedding and enjoy!

Hire A Celebrity Impersonator As Wedding Entertainment

Wouldn’t it be great if one of the greats performed as your wedding entertainment? What if Michael Jackson sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” or The King serenaded your reception with “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”? Wouldn’t that be something great? Thankfully the world is filled with terrific celebrity impersonators who can be just as great at the job.

Book A Themed Wedding Venue

What could be more fun? Build your wedding and reception around a theme, then make sure you book a venue that fits it. Wouldn’t a Renaissance Village or Speakeasy make a great backdrop for the themed wedding of your dreams, and add a huge portion of fun to the celebration?

Get A Bounce House For Your Wedding Reception

Bounce houses aren’t just for the kids anymore. Rental companies have run with this trending idea. They even make all white, wedding-themed bounce houses for your reception. Let the kid in you jump on out and inflate the fun at your reception.

Ok, you’ll have to forgive us for the puns.

Three Words: Custom Cake Toppers

One of the coolest ways to help make your wedding fun is there in the details. Whether they’re made in your likeness or designed to represent your likes (think about Batman holding Ariel in his arms), a custom cake topper will get everyone’s attention and guarantee some smiles.

The Big Secret To A Fun Wedding Is To Be Yourself

No matter what you do, your wedding has got to fit your personality. Plan to have the kind of fun you and your friends would enjoy. And don’t hesitate to think outside the box – or off the dance floor – for ways to have a little fun.