6 Ways To Make Sure Your Company Party Isn’t Boring

Make sure your company party is great using these tips!

Nobody likes a boring party, especially not a boring company party. Unless you already have a reputation for great company parties, your employees are already likely concerned about attending. That’s why it’s critical to make sure you plan the best party you can.

If you want to make your party excellent, here are 6 things you’re going to want to do.

Make Sure You Enlist Help

First and foremost, if you aren’t a professional party planner, getting help making sure everything goes right is a smart move. After all, a little added insight into what people enjoy means you’re not likely to plan a party that only a small group will enjoy.

It will help to make sure you enlist others with different tastes than you. By putting together a team of people with varied tastes, you’ll have better luck planning something that will be enjoyed by all. After all, if planners with varied tastes can agree, it’s likely your guests will too.

Make Sure Your Menu Is Delicious And Exciting

Food makes any event memorable. Do you want your company party to be remembered as a bland, boring affair? I didn’t think so. You want your employees to remember this as the best company party so far, and that means you’ll need to be wise about the menu.

After determining any special needs, like a vegan or gluten free option, get together with your caterer to create a menu that’s going to be tasty and a little different. Whether you’re serving only appetizers or a whole meal, you’ll want to make sure it’s a culinary treat. Stray away from common party foods in exchange for variations on popular items. If you’re running with a theme, you can even pick something that fits in culturally or visually.

Just use a little imagination when working with your caterer.

The Music Needs To Be Awesome

If you’ve taken our advice above, you’ve got a team of people with varied tastes. Choosing great music among you should be easy. Find genres and songs that get all of you to start toe-tapping.

There are always some basic go-tos to get your list started, too. 80s music, top 40, and classic rock tend to work in most groups. Include a little early rap and a dash of country, and most crowds will be happy.

And don’t forget to make sure the DJ takes requests. It’s always convenient to have live input to adjust the music list with.

Plan A Unique Experience And Fun Activities

Lots of people get bored at company parties because they simply don’t know what to do. Thankfully, that’s a problem that is easy to fix. Planning a multitude of activities and experiences for people to entertain themselves with can be done with a little creative thinking.

Aside from party games and group dances (that a great DJ should be able to take care of), have some “anytime” activities available. Things like photo booths, ping-pong tables, bocce ball, horseshoes, and other available activities make the “open” time fun.

While you’re at it, consider the overall theme. Maybe a movie night, renaissance faire, or campout (without the camping) might make things a little more fun. Your theme can change the level of excitement for the party, making things way more enjoyable.

Decorate With Fun In Mind

Even with a great party venue, your company party is going to require a personal touch. Corporate events commonly have screen-printed banners and décor, but decorations that are more personal in nature make a greater impact.

Take the time to plan out hand-decorated items. If you’re not very crafty, visit Etsy or iCraft to find artists who create handmade décor. If you’d prefer something more local, head over to your local farmer’s market or craft faire to find local artists to help you with your décor.

Remember those places where the personal touch means the most. Entryways, lighting, the food & drink table, and the restroom are all places that your guests will visit. Make people feel welcome there with appropriate additions, trinkets, and amenities.

Pick A Great Venue With A Unique Touch

No matter how great your activities or décor, your venue is going to make the biggest impact on your event. Your company party will either be awesome, or it will be awful, depending on the event venue you pick.

Choose a venue with unique features, like a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, gorgeous outdoor surroundings, or a truly different vibe. The right venue can make your party really stand out, so make sure it has amenities and space, including for parking, that your employees will really enjoy.

Remember That A Party Is About Having Fun

In the end, your company party is all about the fun your employees have and the memories they make. A place like Riverview Recreation Park is uniquely adept to help create a truly fun environment for your company party.

If you’ve got tips to help make a company party amazing, please let us know in the comments below!