5 Keys To Choosing An Unconventional Wedding Venue

Outdoor wedding venues can be a nice change of pace.

Your wedding venue is foundational to the tone and feeling of your wedding day. With so many modern couples preferring the unconventional in lieu of the traditional, it’s no wonder churches and country clubs no longer set the backdrop for these celebrations.

If you’re the type that’s drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary, these tips are going to help make your special day into an event to remember. This is what you need to know before planning a non-traditional wedding venue.

Learn The Layout

There are many unique venue spaces that might catch your eye, like a museum hall or a Renaissance village. Some of them may not be accustomed to hosting weddings. Talk with the management about how familiar they are with hosting a wedding to get a sense of their level of experience and willingness. Because weddings are different from other events, you’ll want to be certain the staff knows what they are doing.

Outdoor Venues Need Extra Thought

Weather, environment, and other factors make outdoor weddings require a lot of work. If your venue isn’t used to hosting outdoors, that can be a bigger issue. Things like tenting, flooring, and electricity that have to be run to the wedding space can eat up a budget quickly. If you’re really interested in an outdoor wedding venue, it might be a good idea to look for someplace that specializes.

Your Wedding Costs More Than The Venue

Remember, the rental rate isn’t the only thing you’ll need to consider for the venue. If you choose a venue that isn’t prepared for what you want your wedding and reception to include, you’ll have to plan for that. Will you need tables, chairs, linens, and lighting? What about the parking space, valet, and security? Union fees and vendor commissions can be a problem too. Make sure you’re aware of all the costs up-front.

Think About The Vendors

Ask your venue manager if they have a list of recommended vendors. Even though this might just seem like an advertisement, these vendors are likely more aware of how to deal with the particulars of your venue space. If the venue doesn’t have a list of partner vendors, make sure you’ll have time to walk through the space with your vendors in advance.

Ask Questions

Please don’t be afraid to ask your venue’s management any questions you have. Great managers should be open to answering any and all of your questions, as well as making you feel confident that they’ve got you covered on your big day. If they’re not open to answering questions, you may want to consider a better wedding venue. After all, you should feel confident that their venue is right for your wedding.

Your Wedding Venue Can Be As Unique As Your Relationship

It’s growing more common to forego the traditional in favor of the unique, and the right non-traditional venue can make that a reality. Someplace like Riverview Recreation Park’s Koroneburg Renaissance Village might be just the kind of unconventional you’re looking for.