What You Need To Do To Give Your Southern California Event A Pick-Up

If you want your southern california event to be awesome, you have to know what to do.

Spring and Summer are great times to hold a Southern California Event. The weather is perfect, people are happier, and they’re definitely more ready to party. Your Southern California event might be the perfect place for them to do just that.

But with all those great reasons to hold your event comes competition as well. After all, you won’t be the only one in Southern California holding an event this time of year. So Riverview Recreation Park has put together these tips to help you make your event outshine the competition.

Get Tons Of Event Feedback

If you want your Southern California event to be it’s best, you’ve got to know what your attendees like and don’t. Get input from them about the sorts of vendors, entertainment, food, and activities that should be on the schedule. Find out from them when the ideal time to hold your event would be. Most of all, find out what similar events tend to do wrong so you can do it better.

After the event, get feedback about how it went. Could your event be better suited for Southern California? Is there something that you could have done to better suit your visitors? The only way to find that out is to ask. Send out a survey to your guests to find out how your event could be better next time.

Choose An Unforgettable Southern California Event Location (Within Your Budget)

If you want your event to be amazing, you need an event venue that stands out. But, obviously, you don’t want the cost of that venue to cripple your ability to hold your event. Get your budget straight, then start looking for the perfect venue.

In Southern California, the weather is great during the Spring and Summer seasons. That might make it the perfect time to take advantage of an excellent outdoor event venue. Choose a venue with plenty of space and excellent amenities. It would also benefit you to pick a location whose staff is familiar with large events.

Plan A Convenient Event Date & Time

Your Southern California event won’t likely be affected by inclement weather during the spring and summer seasons, but it may be affected by bad timing. That’s why it’s important to know what’s going to work for the attendee base you want to attract.

For example, if you’re holding an industry-related event, the work hours might be more beneficial since many companies will send representatives during work. However, an event geared towards some sort of recreation would definitely do better during the weekend when people have more time for fun.

Try To Avoid Scheduling Around Similar Southern California Events (With One Exception)

One of the things you need to be on the lookout for when scheduling your Southern California event is other events that cater to the same intended crowd that your event does. If you plan around the wrong time, you’ll wind up competing for attendance, and that’s not going to help you.

However, there is an exception to this rule. When the event in question is large enough or popular enough that it brings in people from out-of-town, it might be a good idea to piggyback it. When events like this are close together, the people who made the trip to Southern California are more likely to attend both. If that’s the case, plan your event right before or right after the competing event so you can share the out of-town attendance.

Keep Your Event Registration Simple

Now that you have your date and time planned, you’re going to want to set up registration. How you handle this step can have a huge impact on your Southern California Event’s attendance. After all, if it’s too tough or confusing to register, people are simply less likely to do it.

Set up an easy registration process, preferably on your event’s website. Using a third party service can help, but you’re better off setting up a simple registration on your own. This allows you to control the difficulty of the registration as well as avoid handling fees associated with third party services.

“Bribe” Your Southern California Event Attendees To Register Early

Early registration is a blessing for any Southern California event, especially when there’s a registration fee. When you can collect and plan early for the number of guests you have, your whole process gets simpler.

Offer some kind of incentive to attendees for their early registration. Anything from bonus gifts to “early bird” discounts work well. People love to save money and get free things and are likely to make an earlier decision as a result.

Get Your Event Schedule Out Early

The best way to get people to your Southern California event is to build excitement. People need a reason to attend your event or they won’t. You need to let them know what’s on the agenda and get them hyped about it.

Plan and release your schedule as early in the process as possible. By announcing all the exciting events, performances, speakers, and anything else they may be attending for early, you give people plenty of time to find out how awesome your event will be, encouraging them to get registered.

Don’t Forget To Promote Your Southern California Event

The rest is all about promotion. Your Southern California event should be planned out to be amazing. Now you have to make sure people know about it. If you’ve got a great venue, they will likely work with you to get the word out. If you did your job right, your event will be amazing!