The Quick Guide: Planning A Budget-Friendly Corporate Party

Corporate parties and company picnics are great ways for your team to build amazing relationships. However, if your company is small, throwing a corporate party might be a bit tough on the budget.

Riverview Recreation Park doesn’t believe that should stop you and your team from having a great time, though. So we’ve put together this quick guide to planning a budget-friendly corporate party. Don’t let a small budget get in the way of big-time team building!

Start With Your Team In Mind

The first thing you need to do before you make any plans, is to figure out what your staff considers fun. After all, if you want your team to be fired up about your corporate parties in the future, you need to make sure this one is memorably fun. Take a quick survey of your team’s hobbies and off-work activities – the stuff they do for fun – so you can get a good idea of what activities to have, too. Try to find out their favorite musicians as well. Your music list can have a little something for everyone.

Pick A Venue With A Huge Bang For The Buck

Your corporate party venue is going to have the biggest impact on your budget. By choosing it first, you know where you stand in planning the rest of the party. Consider a cost-effective, outdoor venue with a ton of space and great amenities. You can have a ton more fun when you have the space to move and don’t have to worry too much about volume.

Forgo Paper Invitations

In the modern technological environment, one cost you can definitely eliminate is the paper invitation. It’s perfectly acceptable to invite each of your staff (and their families, if appropriate) via email. Also equally acceptable is a Facebook event. Whatever method you choose, the savings on paper and printing are worth it.

Improvise The Decorations

Fancy decorations aren’t really necessary at your corporate party. Consider using inexpensive votive candles or pinecones with a label on them for seating placeholders. Create table centerpieces with candles, candy dishes, or any other object groupings that will ultimately cost less than flowers. You can even send them home with guests as souvenirs.

Potlucks Are Your Friend

Having everyone bring a dish can really help cut the cost of your corporate party. However, some people have a little trouble with the word “potluck”, and that’s ok. Instead, how about supplying the main dish and holding a “recipe exchange” for sides and desserts? What about a chili cookoff, where the main course is competition and the salads and cornbread are provided by the house?

Keep The Alcohol To A Minimum

Alcohol is easily the most expensive part of any corporate party. If it’s something you have to include on the menu, consider keeping it to a minimum. Try serving up a “signature drink” for the night, allowing you a lot more control over how much liquor you have to buy. Also, don’t forget that non-alcoholic drinks are necessary for the non-drinkers, and coffee, tea, and water are incredibly inexpensive.

Use Your Phone For Music

Thanks to the great era of technology, there isn’t always a need for live music during your corporate party. Unless you’ve got a dance floor or have a need for an MC, apps like Spotify or Pandora can suffice for some great party music. If you get a playlist together in advance, you can refine it down to a decent order, or just hit shuffle and let the good times roll!

Your Corporate Party Is About Relationship Building

Remember that the point of your corporate party is to build great relationships with your staff members. The amount of money you spend isn’t what’s going to do that. You need to foster a fun atmosphere that allows your team to have fun. Riverview Recreation Park might be the perfect place for your next corporate party!