Editor’s Pick: The Summer Wedding Guide

Summertime is an excellent time for an outdoor wedding. As you get thinking about your summer wedding, Riverview Recreation Park put together this set of Pinterest boards to help inspire your decisions.

From décor to food, and even the bride & groom’s attire, we’ve got tons of inspiration to help keep your summer wedding cool and enjoyable.

Summer Wedding Dresses

The bride’s dress is the centerpiece of any wedding. During a summer wedding, the bride needs to look incredible, but also be able to stay cool. This board is filled with ideas that let the bride look like a princess without royally overheating.

Summer Groom Attire

The traditional tux might not work out for your groom during your summer wedding, especially if you’ve selected an amazing outdoor venue. These looks let your groom stay handsome and cool at the same time.

Summer Wedding Reception Food

Food can make or break a summer wedding. Serve up the wrong things and you can wind up with all sorts of disasters. As an outdoor venue, Riverview Recreation Park has some experience with great summer wedding food. This board should appeal to your appetite while beating the heat.

Summer Wedding Reception Décor

During a summer wedding, especially at an outdoor venue, your décor should not only be good looking, but thoughtful as well. Make sure you’re doing plenty to help keep the heat down with shade and cover while still taking advantage of the natural beauty of your outdoor setting. These boards are sure to help inspire that spirit.

Take Advantage Of The Weather For Your Summer Wedding

While the heat can occasionally get overwhelming, the summer is a perfect opportunity to hold your wedding outdoors. Book your summer wedding with Riverview Recreation Park now!