6 Pinterest Boards To Inspire Your Geek-Themed Wedding

Imagine how beautiful your geek-themed wedding could be with these Pinterest boards for inspiration!

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for just about anything you can imagine. Here at Riverview Recreation Park, we love geek-themed events, especially weddings. They’re made even more perfect with mood enhancing surroundings, like our Renaissance Village or amphitheater.

Today, we’ve put together 6 Pinterest Boards to help inspire the geek-themed wedding of your dreams.

Enchanted Forest

Imagine a setting of beautiful trees, “poison” apples, fairies, and woodland creatures. These great pins will inspire your perfect fairy tale wedding. Plus, Riverview Recreation Park has the perfect outdoor venue to host your magical night!

Harry Potter

Speaking of magical, one of the biggest fandoms in the world fell in love pouring over the story of our favorite lightning-scarred wizard. A Harry Potter themed wedding could cast just the spell you’re looking for over your wedding day. Look at these great ideas to sort out your theme!

The Renaissance / Medieval Era

There’s nothing like fair princesses and knights in shining armor to evoke a feeling of classic romance. These stories of chivalry and bravery, not to mention the settings of castles and historic villages, make a perfect setting for a themed wedding. These amazing ideas would fit right in at Riverview Recreation Park’s Koroneburg Renaissance Village!


Ah, yes, the culture and class of the neo-Victorian era. The fine attire, tales of adventure, and the sweet sass of the old west, all mixed with a little time-travel and æther brings you to the exciting world of Steampunk. Hugely popular among the geek culture, there’s no sense of romance quite like that quirky world. Check out these ideas to be inspired by!

Lord of the Rings

There’s no doubt that JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world is one of the most broad, complete, and beloved in literature. Imagine a long-expected party filled with food, drinks, singing, and all the magic one could ask for. The one ring exchanged with vows would be the center of an entirely different journey. These ideas will keep you from a journey in the dark.

Alice in Wonderland

Take your guests down the rabbit-hole to a mad tea party, or enjoy a game of flamingo croquet. The world of Lewis Carroll is filled with amazement and wonder, with all the color one could ask for to brighten a wedding. These wonderful pins are mad with inspiration!

Make Your Wedding Geek-Chic

With some great planning and a little creativity, your wedding can embody your inner geek. What themed weddings have you been to, read about, or dreamed up? Let us know in the comments below!