5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Event Venue

A woman prepares to throw the bridal bouquet at an outdoor event venue.

Your event venue is the foundation of your event, influencing its success. The venue you choose will define the rest of your planning. Riverview Recreation Park has so many options to accommodate any celebration. From weddings to quinceañeras, receptions and beyond, our fantastic amenities fit any taste and every event.

When you consider your next event, you should be asking these 5 questions to make sure your event venue will be perfect.

What Kind Of Atmosphere Do You Want?

Every event is built around an emotion, Your event venue needs to evoke that feeling for your guests. Decorations only go so far, however, and often they won’t mask the style of the venue. That’s why it can’t be a mismatch. A wedding probably won’t feel right in the same place a corporate holiday party would. Fortunately, Riverview Recreation Park has over 125 acres with multiple available spaces ready for any event you can imagine.

What Services And Amenities Do You Need?

Even if the venue looks perfect, it has to offer what you need it to. Does the event venue have the space and amenities your caterer will need to work, or will that be an issue? Can they cover your seating and cleanup? Your ideal venue must be able to accommodate the event you have in mind.

Where Is A Convenient Location For Your Guests?

A venue that’s close by and easy to get to can change the size of your turnout. Your guests are far more likely to attend when your venue is near their homes, offices, or hotels. Local travel accommodations should be available as well. Airports, trains, and major highways within close proximity to your venue make it much more convenient for your guests to attend.

How Much Space Will You Need?

How many guests will you have? How about entertainment? Will there be dancing? Your perfect event venue must be large enough to handle everything you have planned, including room for parking. In addition, your venue may need disabled access, so you’ll want to make sure it’s ready for anyone on your list. If it’s not accessible, it might not be right for you.

What Can You Afford?

Like everything else in life, the perfect event venue boils down to your budget. No matter how ideal the space, if you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter. With a budget that includes food, decorations, and entertainment, your venue may require a little flexibility. For example, if you don’t need a specific date, it may be wise to check rates for different days. Booking your event on a weekday may make it more affordable than a weekend.

Find A Venue That Meets The Qualifications

Once you know what you need, it’s time to choose the perfect event venue. Whether it’s for a social event or corporate party, your venue will help define the success of your event. Carefully consider the pros and cons, and choose the place that best suits what you need.

Did we miss any important considerations? Let us know what else you take in to consideration when you decide on an event venue.