Summer Wedding Survival: 5 Tips To Keep The Groom Cool At Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor summer weddings can be warmer than expected.

Summer is wedding season, and many couples love a great outdoor wedding venue. With that comes a few challenges that need overcome. Primarily, summer can get hot, and outdoor air conditioning isn’t all that practical. But don’t let that dissuade you. Riverview Recreation Park has put together these great tips to help keep your summer groom cool (without giving him cold feet!).

Keep The Clothing Cool

This might sound like a no-brainer, but have you ever worn a traditional tux? They aren’t the best for keeping cool during a summer outdoor wedding. The staple of men’s wedding attire isn’t easy to keep cool in. Thankfully, you have a few options.

If your groom is a bit more fashion savvy, consider a non-tux option. Have your groom channel his inner Daniel Craig when selecting his attire. Go with a short-sleeved, fitted dress shirt or a pair of dressy shorts. It’s ok to be a little casual, but only if it fits the outdoor wedding vibe you’ve chosen.

If you want something a little more traditional, like the pants and suit, lighten a few layers. Suggest your groom go without the coat, opting for a lightweight vest instead. Couple the look with light colors and lightweight fabrics. Pastels and linens allow him to look great without catching all the extra heat.

Trim The Man Mane

In the heat of summer, hair is not your groom’s friend. The more he has, the more he’s going to stay warm. While the beard and long hair may make him look sophisticated and rugged, he’ll be awfully uncomfortable during your outdoor wedding if they’re not treated properly.

Start by trimming down the beard length and cleaning up the lines. Large amounts of hair down his neck is going to hold on to a lot of heat and cause him to sweat. Similarly, clean up his long hair and, if it’s long enough, put it up. Ponytails and man buns can look quite charming on your summer groom.

Don’t Sweat The Details

Or, rather, remember the details that will help you not sweat. What your groom has on under his summer wedding attire is going to matter, possibly more than the rest. That is unless he doesn’t mind sweat stains showing up in the wedding pictures.

Make sure his deodorant is up to the task of keeping him dry. If he doesn’t usually wear it, consider a “sport” option that might be a little more proficient on the perspiration. Also, a sweat-proof undershirt is another great way to make sure he doesn’t wind up with those embarrassing wet spots under his arms.

Easy On The Caffeine

For many grooms, caffeine is a necessity the morning of their wedding. However, when you have an outdoor wedding during the summer, that second cup may not be such a great idea. According to Healthline, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases your adrenaline. Increased adrenaline can make your groom warm up quickly.

If he needs a little extra kick to wake up, consider a healthier breakfast, some light morning exercise, and cold water to get him going. Remind him during the ceremony to keep drinking water, too. That way he won’t overheat.

Shade That Face

Sun on the face and head don’t make it easy to stay cool, especially during the summer. But for the groom at an outdoor wedding, that can be a tough problem to overcome. While sunglasses might seem normal and natural, they’re not going to solve the whole problem.

However, if your groom is open to a hat, there are plenty of ways to keep him looking dapper while protecting his face from the harsh rays. Consider some standard suiting classics, like a fedora or ascot. These classic looks are perfect for a groom that must face the sun.

If he’s a little more eccentric, a top hat might be the right call. Their airy, tall structure allows for a little bit of shade and some room for the breeze to keep him cool. Plus, if it’s brimmed right, it will keep the sweat from his eyes, assuring his only tears are from joy.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Has Shade

All these ideas are great, but they can be made even better at an outdoor wedding venue with plenty of shade. Riverview Recreation Park’s amphitheater is surrounded by beautiful trees and gets a wonderful cool breeze from the Santa Ana River Valley. It might just be the perfect venue for your outdoor summer wedding.

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