Meine Schatze Package

Meine Schatze "My Little Treasure" Officiant and Photography Package

The little village of Koroneburg creates a wonderful backdrop for weddings in any style or historical period. We currently offer a simple wedding experience called the "Meine Schatze" Package which in German means "My Little Treasure".

Sweetheart Package - $1,999


The Wedding Gazebo - A beautiful gazebo overlooking the Santa Ana River, framed with a backdrop of Prado park woods and the Santiago Hills.

Koroneburg Renaissance Village - Take yourselves back to the romantic days of knighthood and chivalry. Perfect for period themed weddings.

The Amphitheater - Plenty of shade and beautiful scenery, with a stage and serving counters.

The Mausoleum & Asylum - If you are looking for something more eclectic our permanent on-site haunted attractions are available for your themed wedding ceremony.

Ceremony  Performed by Minister Marie

An easy planning process to make your ceremony as beautiful, meaningful, and awesome as possible

Guidance on where, when, and how to get your marriage license

Simple love story homework to make your ceremony as personal and “you” as possible

As much contact as you need (call, text, email, Skype) to craft your ceremony and hash out all the details

Three to five minute slideshow of your images to share the highlights of your elopement with your loved ones

Photography by Keri Rico

Two hours to include the ceremony

Online photo gallery delivered four to six weeks after the wedding

Full resolution images

To view Keri's portfolio click here!


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